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Brisbane Skylights

The Best Skylights In Brisbane

We supply and install a large range of roof windows and skylights in Brisbane and surrounding areas. All of our skylights come with a lifetime guarantee and are manufactured using the highest quality materials. Our skylights are manufactured right here in Brisbane so you can rest assured that they will hold up against even the wildest of summer storms. Whether you have a dark ensuite that needs some lighting up, a combined kitchen and dining room that just doesn’t get enough light or a hallway which you want to light up we can help with your skylight choice.

We install round, square and rectangular skylights for all areas of your home and can even custom make your skylight should the need arise. Read below for a brief description of each:

Round Skylights -

These skylights are perfect for smaller areas like ensuites, hallways and kitchens of medium size.  A popular choice for an ensuite of hallway is a 400 mm skylight which is available in both vented and non-vented. These skylights will also light up and standard bedroom. If you have a larger bedroom or kitchen that requires more natural light then you will be best suited by a 500 mm skylight. Once again available in both a vented and non-vented variety.
Energy-Efficient Skylights

The use of natural light can help you save up to 80% in lighting energy consumption. Maximise this potential with these useful tips:

  • Study the best place to position your skylights so that they provide just the right amount of light and heat that you need. Consider the climate in your area because it can also determine the best position to have your window installed. For instance, north-facing roof skylights allow for extra heat in winter, further helping reduce your heating energy consumption.
  • Seek out all possible window options. Find out how heat-absorbing tints, translucent glass, UV protective coating, and low-emissivity finishing can improve energy efficiency and protect your furniture and carpeting from direct sunlight. For something more practical, choose blinds.

Skylight Glazing and Installation

Skylight windows can be made with plastic glazing, glass glazing, or solar-heat control glazing. Glass glazing will cost you more but in most instances will last the longest. Acrylic plastic glazing is more economical and also tough. However, it is not as effective as glass in terms of UV protection. You can choose either glass or plastic roof windows with solar heat-control glazing, which is more energy efficient and makes the base layer more durable. Thermal efficiency of these installations is also graded in the same way windows are.

This type of natural lighting may be fixed or adjustable. The commonly seen flat or dome-shaped skylights are beautiful to look at but they do not offer the same flexibility as operable ventilating models. Ventilating models may be closed and opened via remote control, a switch, or an automatic room temperature sensor, allowing you to release hot air within a room. Tubular skylights for homes, which look like inverted domes projecting from the ceiling, are excellent sources of heat and light despite their small size.

For best results, install a skylight that matches the room size. Exhaust or ceiling fans helps reduce the build-up of condensation. Call Qld Skylight Installations to get an experienced opinion about which type of natural lighting is best for your situation.


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